Chemical Specialties

Chemical Specialties


We celebrate 15 years of commitment with our clients.

DéMIX Distribuciones SL was born in 2009 as a company of distribution and agency in Spain dealing with chemical specialties for industries of paints, coatings, inks and adhesives.

Fiveteen years later, we continue to fulfill our main goal providing the best service to our customers through close technical and personal cooperation.

To achieve this purpose, we count on a valuable professional team with expertise in the Spanish market of distribution of resins, emulsions, pigments and chemical additives. Easy contact and a very good technical knowledge, as well as the permanent disposition of our technicians, leads to close cooperation with customers that provides added value to our company mission.

Agility and quickness in supplying, thanks to our efficient network of transport and storage provided by our external logistic partners, let us reach the excellence that our clients deserve, with an accurate surveillance of every order.

We facilitate the Spanish factories of paints, varnishes, inks and adhesives the access to chemicals produced or traded by our representatives. We add our compromise with the compelling demands of the internal market, guiding technically our customers toward the more suitable chemicals for their formulations, thanks to our specialized technical support.

Welcome to the distribution world of chemical specialties.

Welcome to DéMIX Distribuciones.